Custom operations

Custom Operations

Import Clearance

When importing goods from a third country into the British market, it is necessary to address the customs clearance procedure at the British customs. For this reason, the importer or the customs operator in charge will have to fill in a customs entry and submit it electronically to the competent authorities to settle any customs duties, VAT, excise duties and other taxes. Once the customs clearance procedure is completed, the goods will be released and will be able to circulate freely within the United Kingdom.

Customs procedures are our core business. Our strength is in the expertise of our team, who is able to guarantee a 360 ° coverage regarding the import / export procedures necessary to speed up shipments.

Export Services

GLB Logistic solutions takes care of all the formalities necessary for the export customs process for goods destined for third parties such as, for example, shipments to the European Union and definitive export for shipments to other third countries

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Customs clearance