GLB Logistic solutions has a deep knowledge and decades of experience in customs. Customs consultancy is one of the most complex and demanding aspects and more and more companies need to address professionals and agencies who know the customs and tax mechanisms and procedures. that manage all commercial transactions. Customs laws and regulations weave a dense web of bureaucracy and obligations, which need to be fulfilled, in order not to incur in pecuniary and administrative sanctions.

Thanks to our team of experts in international trade we offer advice on the following services:

  • Compliance with customs regulations
  • Correct attribution of the customs code (HS CODE)
  • Identification of product restrictions
  • Correct calculation of the duty
  • Non-preferential and preferential attribution
  • Application of free trade agreements
  • Verification of document flows
  • Verification of compliance and application of customs and export controls regulation for products under restrictions

Decades of experience in customs

Management of customs procedures

Introduction/import on the UK market

Foreign trader for VAT purposes

Customs clearance